WELCOME to my Blog!

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WELCOME to my Blog

Hi there, I’m new to blogging, but looking forward to sharing ideas and information I’ve learned or come across during a long working life spent in the conventional medical and complementary therapy worlds.   The blogs will be focused mainly on thoughts about health and healing, including different models and theories of healing, why we might become ill, how we might improve our health, what to look for in a healer or a healing course, and so on, plus dietary ideas and other approaches I’ve found useful.  Sometimes a blog might be an uplifting quote or a meditation I’ve found helpful. 

 I’ve been fascinated by health and illness since I was young.  I was a ‘people watcher’, sitting quietly in the corner, listening to adults talk.  I found you could learn a lot just listening.  I used to wrap broken toys in bandages and lie them in boxes.  The concept of ‘healing’ or trying to help is definitely part of me.  And I love words.  My mum taught me the meaning of the word ‘arthritis’ when I was young.  She wasn’t a nurse or doctor, but she was intelligent and curious.  Perhaps she had looked it up – in a book, no internet back then - so, ‘arthro’ meant joint, and ‘itis’ meant inflammation.  Inflammation of the joints – easy!  This struck a chord, and I have never had a problem with anatomy, physiology or medical terminology.  No wonder I went on to be a Medical Secretary and later trained as a Midwife. 

Like many people I’ve had crises in life, which ultimately led to a different path – the world of complementary therapy.  Please don’t imagine I floated into this whole-heartedly!  Trained in the conventional medical world I was very sceptical at first about ‘energy’ and ‘chakras’ – whatever those were!   But there is a saying, “When it hurts enough …”   It isn’t meant badly, but conventional medicine does not have all the answers, sometimes, eventually, people find themselves turning to other methods;  kinder, gentler, yet often more effective methods, for the sake of their emotional or physical health.  This has been my experience. 

I did not take on the idea of complementary therapies without question, so I understand if clients or students have concerns about whether it ‘works.’  But over and over again complementary therapies have proved themselves in very positive ways.  I remain interested in health, illness and people.  I was immersed in the conventional, sceptical viewpoint for years, and I have worked in and lived the complementary therapy/energy path for more than two decades now.  I don’t regret the years I spent in the medical world, in fact it has been a great help.  I am comfortable when clients come with physical ailments and my conventional training and experience has been a helpful background for my current profession.  I equally have no regrets about finding complementary therapies, they have been so helpful for me, my family and my clients.

So, welcome to my blogs and I hope you find them chatty, thought-provoking and even helpful on occasions.

Please note the Disclaimer below – The Small Print – some version of which will be included at the end of each blog.  It is a gentle reminder that we should always remain in Command of our own life and our body, and not follow anyone else blindly without question or exploration.


DISCLAIMER (The Small Print)       

These are just my current thoughts. 
Thoughts can change as we learn and grow.
You may disagree with me, but I am nevertheless entitled to my thoughts.
You don’t have to like my blog or take notice of anything I say.
It is important you always make up your own mind - about everything.
I am not you, and don’t know you or the details of your life. 
Therefore, you are responsible for any decisions or changes you make as a result of reading my thoughts.