The Foundational Diploma in ENERGY FIELD HEALING

The Foundational Energy Field Healing Diploma is a part-time training course to develop unique skills for healing the body’s Energy Field and I am very excited to be able to offer this amazing course.

The Diploma is a very practical course, teaching a range of energy techniques. This includes exercises for clearing and balancing your own energy, as well as visualisations and exercises to develop your sensitivity to energy, and excellent techniques to clear and balance the Human Energy Field.

The course is taught in a modular format over 14 days (7 weekends) and leads to the Foundational Diploma in Energy Field Healing. It is designed for people who wish to gain a thorough understanding of the Human Energy Field and its intelligence, and how dis-ease and lack of well-being can be addressed through Energy Field Healing techniques.

There are four elements to the training:

  • Self-Healing and Personal Development
  • Raising of Awareness and Sensitivity to Energy and the Energy Field
  • Unique Techniques and Skills to Heal and Balance the Energy Field
  • Theory and Knowledge of the 12 layer Human Subtle Energy System

A combination of these elements is taught on each weekend. It is intended that each student will gain a broad understanding of subtle energy, develop the necessary skills to work with the energy system and discover a greater awareness of their own healing journey and spiritual path.

The Diploma is open to anyone who is interested in exploring this knowledge. No previous energy training or practice is necessary. Since training in Energy Field Healing myself in 2008, regular work with clients has proved to me the effectiveness of these techniques and it is a pleasure and privilege to be able to offer this training.

Kim Quance is a Certified Teacher of Foundational Level Energy Field Healing. Fully trained as an Advanced Level Energy Field Healer, with many years’ experience in helping clients to clear and balance their energies, and gain greater understanding of life transactions.