Training to be a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a system of hands-on healing, with a very ancient history.  It differs from other hands-on techniques in that a Reiki practitioner must have been attuned to the Universal Energy or Divine Life Force by a Reiki Teacher (also called a Reiki Master).  The attunement ceremonies open up the students energy channels and enable more energy to be channelled more effectively.

Reiki attunements are taught at two levels (Reiki I and Reiki II) in two separate 2-day courses.  Each course begins with a grounding meditation and discussion about this very important subject.

During Reiki I there are two attunements, one on each day, each preceded by a meditation.  The course covers self-healing with Reiki, as well as using Reiki for friends and family.  The hand positions are taught, as well as detailed information about the Human Energy Field and chakra system.  Preparing yourself and your ‘clients’ for a Reiki session is also covered.  The history of Reiki and how the Reiki world has developed since then is discussed, along with practical matters that lead into Reiki II such as insurance, Code of Conduct, and Reiki organisations which practitioners may choose to join.

Cost:   £275 for the weekend, including manual and certificate

Reiki II should only be undertaken when a student feels ready, but at least 3-6 months should elapse between Reiki I and II courses, to allow your energy to settle and to give plenty of time for practice.  Reiki II involves a great increase in the amount of energy you will be able to channel and further clearing of your own energy.  Two more attunements are performed, one on each day, with meditations beforehand.

The main subject covered in Reiki II is the use and meaning of the Reiki symbols, as well as healing at a distance.  Practical exercises will help you to fully grasp the potential of distance healing.  There is more emphasis on client care, record keeping and charging fees, since Reiki II prepares you to work with clients as a fully qualified Reiki practitioner.

Cost:   £550 for the weekend, including manual and certificate