Training with Kim Quance

We now know that all living beings are much more than just their physical bodies.  The human energy field, sometimes called the ‘aura’, is the field through which we experience the world around us.  This energy field nourishes the physical body and needs to remain balanced and clear for us to be healthy.

I enjoy sharing my passion for the therapies that I use and run courses in the following healing modalities:

Energy Field Healing Training with Kim Quance

EFH Training

The Foundational Energy Field Healing Diploma is a part-time training course to develop skills for healing the body's Energy Field.

Subtle Energy Awareness Programme with Kim Quance

Subtle Energy

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme (SEAP) offers everyone the opportunity to better understand the invisible, subtle energies that radiate from us and surround us.

Subtle Energy Awareness Programme with Kim Quance

Shaman's Path

Shamanic Workshops for Beginners - a series of three workshops to help you take your first steps on the Shaman's Path.

Reiki Training with Kim Quance


Reiki attunements for both self-practice (Reiki I) and Reiki Practitioner (Reiki II) courses are run throughout the year.

Mediation Training with Kim Quance


The 'Enhance Your Light - Enhance Your Life' Programme (EYL) offers an easily accessible way of learning how to meditate, or advance the mediattion skills you already have.