Energy Field Healing

Energy Field Healing (EFH) is a highly advanced form of energy work that greatly assists the natural healing abilities of the energy field and physical body.  During an EFH session imbalances and old patterning can be cleared from the field.  Damaged chakras as well as the outer layers of the field can be repaired and the whole energy field is balanced and strengthened.

EFH can help many physical and emotional conditions and is excellent for keeping our energy balanced and flowing.  However, please note, because of the high levels of energy involved, EFH is not suitable during pregnancy, for people with epilepsy or for those with pacemakers.

An EFH session begins with the client standing for a few minutes while I engage with the field and begin the clearing process.  The client then relaxes fully clothed on a treatment couch for the main part of the session.  The session closes with the client standing again for a few minutes while I ensure that the field is completely balanced and grounded.  The clearing and healing processes begun in the session continue for 3-4 weeks afterwards.  For this time it is advisable not to undergo any other form of energy work, such as Reiki, shiatsu, crystal work, etc.

Session Costs

New Client First Appointment £60
Follow-up / Regular Appointments £48

The Human Energy Field and its Healing

With the advances of quantum physics in the 20th and 21st Centuries we now know that all living beings are much more than just their physical bodies.  Humans, and all living things, also have an energy field. 

In fact we are our energy field, because the physical body too is composed of energy particles.  These particles make up the atoms and molecules that form our physical bodies, as well as the energy field that we cannot see. (For more information about this phenomenon, see the “Useful Books” section under Resources).

The Human Energy Field is also sometimes called the “aura”, and it is this field that allows us to be alive, to think and to experience the world around us.  The energy field nourishes the physical body, and allows us to feel emotions and interact with others.

The Human Energy Field is often depicted as a large ‘egg-shape’ of different colours around the physical body.  It consists of several ‘layers’ of different vibrations of energy, and within it are found the chakras (or energy centres).  Different authors describe different numbers of chakras.  In my practice I currently work with 7-10 chakras and  up to 9 layers of the field.

Providing our energy field remains balanced and clear, flowing in a healthy pattern, we feel healthy and energetic on the outside.  However, the stresses and difficulties of everyday life in a busy world can cause imbalances, blocks or damage in our energy field.

Given optimum conditions the Human Energy Field is capable of sustaining and healing itself quite well.  However, the busyness and stress of life often does not allow enough time or quiet for this to happen, and this is where energy work comes in.  Severe, sudden or prolonged physical or emotional trauma can also seriously damage the energy field to the point where outside help is necessary.