“Stepping onto the Path” Shamanic Workshops for Beginners

Shamanic Journeying 1 – The Lower World
Workshop Includes: The History of Shamanism and the 3 Shamanic Worlds.  Why and How we Journey, Meeting your Power Animal, Meeting a Lower World Teacher, Meeting a Plant Ally. 

Shamanic Journeying 2 – The Upper and Middle Worlds
Workshop includes: Journeying into the Middle and Upper Worlds – meeting a Middle World Teacher, meeting an Upper World Teacher, meeting your House Spirit

Shamanic Journeying 3 – Sacred Space and Sacred Objects, The 4 Elements and 4 Directions
Workshop includes: How to create Sacred Space, Journeying to create an Altar, Journeying to the Spirits of your Sacred Objects.

Shamanic Healing 101
A workshop to introduce some straightforward shamanic techniques for self-healing.

Each of these 2-Day Workshops are suitable for beginners in Shamanic work and dates for 2021 have now been set.

Kim Quance is a Certified Teacher of Foundational Level Energy Field Healing. Fully trained as an Advanced Level Energy Field Healer, with many years’ experience in helping clients to clear and balance their energies, and gain greater understanding of life transactions.