The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme (SEAP) has been designed by Sue Zange, my Energy Field Healing teacher, and it offers everyone the opportunity to better understand the invisible, subtle energies that radiate from us and surround us.  These energies are often called the human energy field, or the aura, and they influence every aspect of our daily life and well-being.

Teaching subtle energy awareness is something I have wanted to do ever since training in Energy Field Healing, and I am thrilled to be able to offer this wonderful, informative course. The 2-days of the Programme include straightforward, effective energy management techniques that I learned with Sue, techniques I use each day to keep my energy balanced and clear. These skills help to improve life by clearing out old, non-serving energies and bringing in clear, fresh energies to strengthen and protect the energy field.

Day 1 of the course includes:

  • The Human Energy Field, its structure and how it flows
  • How energies are transmitted out from you and received by you
  • What causes the energy field to be dense, slow, or imbalanced
  • How you can help yourself every day with easy energy management
  • How we connect energetically to others in relationships

Day 2 of the course includes:

  • How the energies of wounds, and past events can affect your life.
  • How to gain stronger, more vibrant energy for your emotional well-being
  • How to clear and focus your mind by applying energy principles
  • Expanding your intuitive awareness and your command of life.

Course Fee is £160. Contact me to reserve your place on the next course.

Kim Quance is a Certified Teacher of the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®. Fully trained as an Advanced Level Energy Field Healer, with many years’ experience in helping clients to clear and balance their energies, and gain greater understanding of life transactions.