Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the most ancient form of healing practice and every culture has its shamanic traditions. I have studied with the Four Winds Society founded by Alberto Villoldo, and with Jonothan Horwitz ( In 2014 I completed a 3-year Shamanic Healing course, “Healing the Fractured Soul”, with Jane Shutt and Christine Mark (

Shamanic techniques work effectively to clear old, heavy energies, intrusions and imprints from the Human Energy Field, as well as returning to us parts of our energy that may have been misplaced (soul retrieval). This helps us to release behaviours that continue to repeat in our lives, as well as releasing emotional memories that we find it difficult to let go of; old feelings such as grief, anger and fear. I use a variety of shamanic techniques, depending on the client's needs.

Session Costs

New Client First Appointment £60
Follow-up / Regular Appointments £50