Energy Field Healing and "Psychic Attack"

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Apologies for the slightly ‘gothic’ heading for this blog, but the idea of psychic attack is something which can worry people, so I thought it would be useful to write about it.  Clients arrive sometimes and say, “I think I’m under psychic attack, can you help me?”  

Just the words - psychic attack – don’t sound very nice, so in this blog I want to shine some light on the subject and offer what I have come to understand by this phrase – and what can be done about it.  It is not nearly so worrisome as it sounds, if it is approached sensibly and calmly. 

“Psychic” comes from the word ‘psyche’, meaning ‘mind’, ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’.  It therefore relates to thoughts and feelings, rather than the physical body.   So, ‘psychic attack’ is an energetic issue, coming from thought energy or emotional energy.   It is, in simple terms, unpleasant or unkind thoughts or feelings one person might have towards another.  Well, you only have to look at the world to see that’s possible!  And a bit scary?  It can be to some people, to think that others might be able to affect us from a distance.  But it does happen.  After all we can have many non-serving feelings or thoughts about others – and other people will be thinking about us in their turn at times.  Most of these thoughts or feelings are fleeting and relatively mild and will dissipate away before they have any effect.  

However – there’s always a however! – stronger feelings, more extreme emotions, repetitive thought patterns, are stronger energies, which may reach the person they relate to.


I’ve certainly experienced this, usually from difficult family members – ah, families! -  and it can cause me to feel unsettled, perhaps a bit emotional.  I might have trouble sleeping, with vague unsettled feelings, or sometimes weird or slightly unpleasant dreams, even the odd unusual physical discomfort, with no apparent physical cause, but no more than that.   The important part is that I recognise I am not my normal centred self.  

Psychic attack usually isn’t done knowingly – most people don’t understand or accept any energetic view of the world, and so wouldn’t consider energy could have that effect.  Anyone who did purposely try to harm someone via thought energy would find it very difficult indeed.  It takes a massive amount of focus and energy to maintain a high enough level of unpleasant thoughts about another and – beware! - it ultimately damages the sender!


When I first began my journey into energy therapies, I knew nothing of energy or psychic-anything!  I was terrified when my crystal therapy teacher first spoke about this kind of thing.  Unseen energies, projected by people towards other people!  It sounded like something from a horror movie!  I didn’t want to think about it, so I ignored it. 

It came up again when I did my Reiki training and again, I wasn’t ready.  We have to be ready to consider and begin to deal with this more shadowy side of energy work.  When I learned Energy Field Healing I was ready.  I’d done a lot of learning, reading, meditation, worked on my own energy field, and was beginning to sense more and more issues in clients’ fields.  I needed to know how to clear these, including those from other people. 

Energy Field Healing takes a sensible, practical view of ‘psychic attack’, which suits my pragmatic approach to life, and this kind of energetic issue is just one of many that can be tracked and cleared from a person’s energy field.  Once issues have been cleared the way to limit further problems is to work on the client’s field (or on your own, as I do), to clear and strengthen it, and improve grounding, so any difficult or low level energies like hatred, jealousy or anger, cannot penetrate the layers so easily. 

It’s important to be honest about this.  It is not possible to stop people from having their own thoughts or feelings, but we have the right of Command over our own energy and we can develop our sensing and abilities to the point where first of all, we recognise if something is happening, if we don’t feel ‘right.’  Then we know how to clear it, and we continue to build our own energy to prevent it happening so easily.  We never attack in return.  In energy terms that is spiritually unlawful. 

The best defence from difficult energies of any kind is a strong, clear, grounded, balanced Energy Field.   Energy Field Healing can teach you how to achieve this, for yourself and for others.

If you are interested in learning more about clearing and strengthening your energy, and that of others, come and learn with me.  Join me for the Foundational Diploma in Energy Field Healing, starting in SEPTEMBER 2023. 

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