Enhance Your Light – Enhance Your Life™

The 'Enhance Your Light – Enhance Your Life' Programme (EYL) has been designed by Sue Zange, my Energy Field Healing teacher, and it offers an easily accessible way of learning how to meditate, or advancing the meditation skills you already have.

This beautiful empowering programme provides a complete format for good quality meditation skills, skills that you can use for the rest of your life – to Enhance Your Life.

The 2 days of the course include:

  • The Benefits of Meditation and Visualisation
  • The Basic Skills needed for good quality Meditation and Visualisation
  • The 3 Primary Spheres of Light
  • Exploring an Expansive Sphere of Light
  • Higher techniques for more advanced meditation

Course Fee is £145. Contact me to reserve your place on the next course.

Kim Quance is a Certified Teacher of the 'Enhance your Light'™ Meditation and Visualisation Programme. Fully trained as an Advanced Level Energy Field Healer, with many years’ experience in helping clients to clear and balance their energies, and gain greater understanding of life transactions.